“Why Men Always Tell You to See Movies” Response

I found this article to be an interesting angle that speaks of a commonly seen industry from another perspective. This analyzes the potential sexism and setbacks that can effect women in the film industry. While there is obvious sexism in certain parts of the field, voiceover work is not one of them. Many people forget that movies are a business investment, and need the money to bring in as many viewer and buyers as they can. Sure, there are great works and art in film, but it is also a marketable industry worth billions. As the author points out, there is usually scientific reasoning behind certain decisions of marketing a movie.

One common complaint I have heard recently, are of trailers that show too much plot and potentially spoil the movie. At first it seems like a stupid move at first, numerous tests have shown that these trailers actually draw the most number of moviegoers. Equality and art may not necessarily be included in the marketing planning, let alone in the film itself.

It is also important to understand a movie’s target audience and the changes they make regarding its reception. Perhaps it is the audience that is sexist or racist, causing low reception.

While the article also makes it seem that Lifetime Television uses women voiceovers is a positive thing. It is a deceptive cover for good PR and publicity. When you look at the demographic distribution of Lifetime viewers, 75% are female (http://www.nationaltvspots.com/ntvs-networks), which is a massive difference compared to other channels.  Women are therefore used in their ads because it reflects the channel’s target audience. Not to mention statistically women watch more TV than men (http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/05/nielsen-gaming-tv-console/).

While there is sexism in the industry, the scale is much more prevalent in others areas other than advertisement. (Casting, directing)


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