Common Post: Sound

This is a youtube video that was posted with an article. This video is the response to a video that the author made previously that contained a mysterious noise with him and his kid’s reaction. In the new video, the author admits it was all a hoax to show his children how easy it is to mislead others and information can be easily faked. The first video actually received some attention, and further proved his own point. It is really interesting to see how an experiment like this can be used as a teaching and misguiding tool by simply just altering the original video audio.

This article talks about how Courtney Love is suing a Youtube user because of claims of an unreleased song. The user uploaded a song that sounded similar to Nirvana. To gain more views, he or she then labeled it as an unreleased single (since not many can dispute this). This situation happens to many artists, especially to those about to release music. Fans get caught up in the excitement, and click and listen to anything new without question. While I think suing is a bit over the top, the video should be at least renamed or removed.


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