Topic Proposal

Topic Proposal: The Negative effects of mass media on public influence

I have chosen this topic because I am interested in current events and pop culture, all of which media has a central role. I use media during most of my day, and I have become quite familiar with the nature of media’s influence. I am the sort of person who is slow to make judgments, for both fairness and accuracy. I like to scale back from issues to understand the context, the timing, and both sides of whatever case or argument is presented. Over the last few years, the sheer amount of information has grown, and now the lines between fact, fiction and opinion have begun to blur. Unfortunately, the average person is easily convinced, and the spread of misinformation and fear mongering is getting to ridiculous proportions.

Some of the issues I plan to cover that the media creates are: it’s interference with the justice system; by creating false panic of non existent issues, or making situations worse by fueling the flame; having consistently poor representation of gender roles and body image; becoming less about informing the viewer and more about generating views and making money; and pandering to certain demographics creating a cyclical confirmation bias complex. Within each of these is a plethora of examples and situations that I will analyze and break down using human psychology, historical patterns etc.

Since media is such a broad term, the medium of this project can be many things. I will most likely use a combination of video clips, news articles, and images to reach my audience to show as many different examples as I can to help the audience grasp how big media’s influence is.

This topic is invested in virtually everyone in the US. Most people use some form of staying in touch with others and the news, and it is now an integral part of American culture. This issue is even more prevalent today, especially with so many accesing information daily. As MLK once said “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” I fully agree with this statement and I want to make sure that people understand how to obtain information with accuracy and efficiency.


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