Response #1

Both of the readings argue that the use of rhetoric is highly important to accurately and effectively convey a message. Each reading was approached in different way. Covino & Joliffe’s reading was an extremely word heavy paper that uses language and philosophy to explain it’s content. They argue that in order to communicate the message, one must use qualities (pathos, logos etc) and the repetition of a statement to give it weight in discussion. Losh, on the other hand, uses a comic and explains his points through simple words and illustration. He makes it clear that the writer/speaker must know his/her audience to efficiently communicate. Covino & Joliffe were most likely written for philosophy academia and possibly communication classes. Losh’s comic was written for the college aged group, since the wording is easier and the characters are my age, thus making them more appealing. Personally I thought Losh’s was easier to understand, since it is more foreword with it’s message. I am a visual learner, and the pictures with the text allowed me to understand all aspects of ethos, pathos, and logos. and  Since he was appealing directly to my age group, he made his writing much more understandable for me.


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