About Me

Hi! My name is Ian Xavier Kennedy, but you can call me Ian. I’m from Norwood Ohio which is entirely surrounded by the city of Cincinnati (For mail, I can use either city on the address, which is nice).

I have a wide range of interests but I like studying marketing, web interaction, social media, art, music, and pop culture’s effect on society. I’m always reading about the latest tech news, and discovering music all the time. I like to pinpoint trends and patterns to try to predict where or what ‘the newest thing’ is, and where it will go. Every few months or so, I’ll bet my friends on these predictions, and much to their annoyance, I’ve been correct nearly every time (Marvel’s box office success, Amazon becoming the face of online retail, Trap Music gaining traction in 2012, Disco revival during 2013, I could go on…) In my free time I DJ music for WMSR and the occasional rare party (it’s mostly a hobby). I absolutely love movies, and I’m a sucker for any gorgeous cinematography and sci-fi. I am also the social media coordinator of a student record label called AMP. Other than that, I am an Eagle Scout and avid camper, hiker, and outdoorsman.

In terms of general issues, I am supportive of gender equality and the equal treatment of all peoples. Personally, I am a huge proponent of accuracy and science, both online and off. The internet is a double edged sword for the general public. One can learn so much, but can also be easily misled. Misinformation is rampant online, with clickbait titles, misleading articles, and inaccurate studies, that more often than not, have some form of an agenda. I get irrationalIy angry anytime someone posts something along the lines of: Vaccines cause autism, GMO’s are bad, astrology etc. It’s insane what people believe because it’s on the internet.

I have always been an avid reader my entire life, even to the point where it has gotten me in trouble. I remember getting scolded in 2nd grade for reading Harry Potter. The reason? Apparently there was ‘no way you could read those books at your age’. But that didn’t stop me at all, and I kept reading. A few years later I was running late for baseball practice and stopped the car because I had forgotten my book for the car ride. When I got to practice, I realized I had left my baseball mitt at home… (For context, I’m a textbook example of a person with a bad case of ADD, even more so when I was younger.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been as avid as the reader I was years ago, but I still love to read when I get the chance. Most recently I’ve read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I can’t wait to read Good Omens.


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